Saturday, October 23, 2010

Well we tried... {Edmond Family Photographer}

I love being a photographer. I love getting to capture little moments that will soon only be memories, especially between familes. But for some reason, I have the hardest time when trying to photograph my own family. It's not just the fact that I have to use a tripod for family shots, but also that my children are so used to seeing me with my camera, that they no longer react to it like most kids do.

For our fall family pictures I was bound and determined to get some good pictures. I even put it on my calendar, so that I would make sure it actually happened. Oh it happened all right. And it turned out the way our family portaits usually do, with someone crying. This is pretty much how the majority of the session went:

Luckily, Mason stopped crying long enough to get a good family shot. I'm about 99% sure I'm going to have to put this on canvas.

Of course, my sweet little Meredith was ready to pose, because she's a perfect angel. HAHAHA! Forget the fact that I had to bribe her with three Junie B. Jones books...